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October 23, 2005

Bicycle Love...Socially acceptable?

I know so far I have been rather pessimistic in my wildly random writings. Lets end the evening with a bit of smooth bicycle love (porno music starts...) I love bicycles, I love bicycles because they are all so different. Some bicycles are old and falling apart, some are new and fancy, no two are really alike. My previous commuter bike is one I built up in 1998, titanium frame, Judy XC, shimano XT, Mavic and so fourth. Keep in mind this entire package was 1998 stuff. Needless to say after riding year-round this bike has had tons of wear and tear (not to mention the Multiple bike races and Moab trips.) The last two years of so the bike started needing one hell of a lot of maitnance just to keep it going. Although I have a brand new Vanilla http://www.vanillabicycles.com I will never sell my old mountain bike, in fact I still ride it quit a bit. I love that bike and all of it's quirks.

My new Vanilla is absolutely beautiful (thanks Sacha and Ben) I had a few requirements for this bike but I really let them decide on the look this bike was going to take on. I love listening to the Chris King rear hub (still trying to figure out what the hell is going on back there.) I've never really commuted with fenders before and I love just "edging" puddles and not getting a high colonic in the process. Pulling away from a stop and listening to the chain drop down to the serious side of the cassette is exciting. It makes me feel like I've got a vicious, lugged pit bull chomping at the bit to come into your yard and dispatch your poodle. Riding this bike in downtown traffic is rather empowering, I can hang with cars much better than I could with my mountain bike. If you have rode in heavy traffic you understand what I am saying I'm sure.

We're coming up on winter time and although I really hate below zero weather I can always look forward to the fact that I may hate winter but I am still riding my bike. Lets see some comments or email me I may very well post them in the blog. I love hearing other peoples "bicycle love" (is that kinky?)

Have a great evening peoples


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