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October 20, 2005

Big $$$$ to Commute by Bicycle?

Lately I've seen a lot of new people riding around town doing errands and what I presume riding to work. I love to see that and no doubt it is due to higher gas prices. I've seen everything from the totally decked out newbie to the guy who digs out the 10 speed from the basement and takes off. I myself because I have loved bikes all my life have opted for more expensive bicycles (although my grocery getter is a 1930's un-restored cruiser that can't be worth more than 10 bucks.) I flip through the bike magazines and catalogs and see the expensive riding clothes, what a joke. This is what I wear in the winter, t-shirt, vest, sweat shirt and a Columbia fleece of which I have had for years my parents bought it for me in high school.) additionally, winter tights (which have holes in them) that I bought on clearance in Moab, UT and everyday baggy cargo shorts for the pockets. Socks... nothing expensive here just cheap heavy ones from Shopko(20 below and my feet don't get cold.) For my head I use a baklava that tucks into my fleece jacket. As far as my hands go I use cheap heavy gloves that I got at some discount store and I can't imagine I spent any more than 20 bucks for them, if it is really cold I will wear a thin pair of gloves under the heavy ones.

I can say with all honesty that I rarely get cold, on the off chance I do it is because I underestimated the temp. and I could have just layered a bit more. I look at these catalogs and just shit myself at how expensive the stuff is, it's not necessary I swear.

As far as bicycles go, my wife has a $350.00 Giant that she rides back and forth to work. She loves this bike and it is high enough quality that it does not break down. There you go not a huge investment to commute by bicycle.


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