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October 28, 2005

Bunny Pants Back In D.C.

Well I see Bunny Pants just landed at Andrews from his little "fact finding mission" in Florida. Evidently he did a couple "fly overs" of the hurricane ravaged area. What's up with the fly overs that our elected officials always do? Would it not make more sense to be on the ground checking shit out? Oh that's right if they were mingling with the public they would probably be strung up.

Not a conspiracy therorist here but let's look at this trip to Florida. Bush is under a lot of pressure right now, do you think maybe he met with Rush and maybe passed a little coin and a wink for some "feel good" goodies. Further more, going deeper yet... Laura or Sweet Britches as I like to call her. I think she has been medicated for the last five years so she will be passive and buy into her husbands anti-female dribble. She's so passive...Volume, ludes, 420 or maybe a little beam and smoke? Hey just throwing it out there, asking the tough questions here.

All in all ascertaining the facts mission or scoring the goods run, you decide. Hey stop the wagon "Pants" just fell off.


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Blogger Greasy Knuckles said ... (10/28/2005 12:40 PM) : 

hey mike,

nate here from MWC downtown, no crap, why does he bother flying down to Florida, only to just look and not actually see who has been affected: the People. if you can't relate to the people your suppose to make decisions for what the hell good are you.

anyhow, back to working on bikes.

nice blog, i'll check in more often, oh, and if you have anymore printed coppies of the zine, we get asked about it all the time, as ours is the shop copy.

thanks man, stop in again.



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