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October 29, 2005

Football, Kneeling, Holding Hands and the Almightly Jesus Christ Our Savior

As I watched a bit of football today (not really a football fan but I like to see Nebraska get nailed) I was reminded of this stupid practice of the whole "score a touchdown, kneel and pray to god." WHAT A LOAD OF BULLSHIT. Like I've said in the past, I'm not religious in any way, christianity has been bastardized by individuals and organizations. If there is such a thing as god do you think he would actually give two shits and a bananna about some fuck tard scoring a touchdown? Football player... "Oh god thank you for my ability and the touchdown that I just scored." Jesus christ what a joke. I really like it when they look up into the air and do a little kiss their fingers and point upward. What the fuck is that? Are you blowing a little kiss to the guy in the plane pulling the banner? Oh that's right your blowing a kiss to a cloud being.

Message to football players... Don't flatter yourself by thinking jesus christ our savior in heaven and cloud being extrodinair parted the linebackers so that you could score your stupid touchdown.

Oh yeah, I'm still outta' here, I just made it to my brothers place in Omaha and we are Southwesting it out in the morning.

off to pray to invisable cloud beings

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