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October 22, 2005

I Swear I'm Not Anti-Social...I Think

I've been asked from time to time over the years "hey man who do you ride with?" or "Who are you, I've never seen you around before" I live in a city just over 200,000 people so truth be told this is a very small city so you run into a lot of the same people over and over. This certainly holds true when interests might be the same. For a long time I've done my own thing, ridden alone went to bike races alone and went on mountain bike vacations alone. Why you may ask? There are a couple different reasons first, I FUCKING HATE TALKING ABOUT BICYCLE PARTS! Honestly, I really don't fucking care what you bought last week that is suppose to make you faster, or is it....cooler? Seriously I really hate bicycle parts talk. Before I gave up on hanging out with other bicycle people I use to get this relentless barrage of "parts talk."

Secondly, I most of the time do not look like your typical experienced bike rider. Not much into spandex (unless it is under my baggy cargo shorts, and then only if I am having ass problems that week.) I can assure you without a shadow of a doubt that you will never ever see me wearing a matching jersey and shorts. My favorite shirt to ride in is an Amnesty International t-shirt that was too small for me so I cut the sleeves off way up by the shoulder so it would fit (actually I stole that from my roommate in like 1998.)

I found it really interesting about a month ago. One of our local mountain bike teams was on a training ride or whatever they call it. We were at a crosswalk light on opposing corners waiting for the light to change. These guys have seen me a million times and have always scoffed at me, no doubt because of my shabby look and my vintage but still very nice and racy mountain bike. This time they happened to notice the new bike that I was on, well now I was their best friend. "Fuck you fuck tards" No, I didn't say that but I thought it. As a side bar to the story one of the guys was in the same race I was in and I truly would rank this guy in the top five people as far as rudeness, pompous and obnoxious that I have met.

I love bikes, I love expensive bike, cheap bikes, vintage bikes and everything in between. I don't care much for people who I truly wonder if they actually love riding bikes or if they actually just love riding the technology. Maybe that is why I am a lone peddler, the traveling single, the kung fu of the streets (remember the start of that show where he was walking in the desert alone.) No, just kidding, I love riding alone and have done so for a few years now. Well with one exception... riding with my wife that's is a super great time.


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