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October 24, 2005

Iraq War Dead

At this point in time we are now very close to 2,000 dead American troops. I think we really need to stop and think for a minute what that means. People do you understand the toll this has taken on communities, families, friends and the country in general? 2,000 dead Americans... jesus christ. Many people like me that are in total opposition to this war and have been from the outset will use this number to what seems to me almost revel in the fact. I see this quit a bit, some of these people will use this number as almost a feeding frenzy somewhat joyous "I told you so." I'm far beyond that.

I think to myself, what if I was among the war dead, how would my mom react. 2,000 dead, think of all the moms that lost children knowing that not only did they lose their child but their child was blown up, guts spattered all over the street or wall. Did their child die instantly or did they lay on some street half a world away calling out for their mom because they knew they were a dead man. I'm very troubled with the passiveness of the American public. Jesus christ people our own flesh and blood is being shot up, blown up and slaughtered over there.

I think we as a nation really have to ask ourselves if it was worth 2,000 blown up, disfigured, burned up, wrecked dead bodies. People, the dead troops are not just simply shot, what might be looked at as "clean" the dead troops over there met a horrific end at best. At this point there is nothing you or I could ever do to end this war (and don't think for a second there is, your dem senators are 100% behind this as well) but what I do want you to think about is how rotten war is and how nobody really ever wins a war.

The tragic toll of this war will play out for generations to come. mental illness, suicide, poverty and last but not least the mental images that run through mothers heads of what the scene might have looked like when their son had his brains and guts blown out of his body. I for one will not revel in this number like some of my like minded citizens I am going to be busy thinking about the true human tragedy this has become.


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