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October 24, 2005

Robert Novak Please Retire You Look Dead Anyway

Currently I'm still taking in all the possible White House inditement (I know I spelled that wrong) goings on. As it looks now I would say there are some heads that are going to roll for sure. Something else is bothering me though. Robert Novak, you know that neo-conservative political hack that looks dead and is truly not going to need to dress up this Halloween.

Robert Novak is the one who "leaked" the name of the C.I.A. agent's name to the AMERICAN PUBLIC! How many people did he leak that to like 290 million? Am I the only one that #1 could care less what the identity of a C.I.A. agent's name is. Is this truly news? Jesus christ, did he disclose this in print, radio or what I don't even know. #2 Did he not knowingly disclose an undercover government agent's name? Should he not be thrown into the big house so he can break big rocks into little rocks?.

Sweet justice would be handed down if a surprise inditement was given to Novak and he was indeed sent to federal prison. Novak could be someone's bitch. That is a good crossover form journalism isn't it? Actually Novak probably likes the idea of being tea bagged and can't wait to get to the "love shack" so he can perfect his "catching" skills.


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