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November 05, 2005

Alan Combs Your A Bitch Of Massive Proportions

This is somewhat old news but hey it's about Alan Combs so it's worth a bitch slap even if it is over due. My wife and I have a Sirius satellite radio. We listen to the thing non-stop, because we like the music and love the talk radio. Air America use to be one of the stations on it but about 2 months ago they switched over to XM. Fair enough, it sucks but what's done is done.

Mike Malloy had his program on Air America weekdays from like 9 p.m. to midnight, or there about. Well now that Air America is gone take a guess who fills that time slot on weekdays... that's right Alan Combs. Mr. "I am such a bitch I'd feltch Hannity." Total opposite ends of the spectrum, Malloy who won't take shit off anyone and then Combs who I swear if he pulled his pants down he'd have beef lips instead of a dick. I have no respect what so ever for Alan Combs. Shawn Hannity use to just run this wennie into the ground on "their" show. It gets better yet. Now that Alan Combs has his own show he gets all puffed up and talks really hard shit. BECAUSE YOUR ALONE YOU SISSY! Get some brass Alan and stand up for yourself when confronted with a blowhole like Shawn. I have no respect for a liberal that won't stand their ground, they are worthless to me.


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