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November 04, 2005


This is a little tale about something that I saw 2 years ago. I never wrote to our Police Chief or Mayor about it but probably should have. The city I live in has a population of just over 200,000 so it is what I consider a rather small city. Be that as it may, it is a fairly diverse city.

2 years ago on the 4th of July my wife and I rode out bikes to the area where they were doing the fireworks show for the city. I'm not going to get into the particulars of the area because it's not important. Although the area has bike trails and lots of grassy areas and a few streets running throughout the immediate area. My wife and I pulled off the bike path and leaned our bikes up against a fence which was about 50 feet from a residential road. Before the fireworks started there were still lots of people continuing down the bike path on foot and crossing the street. The police Department had stationed a cop right there to aid people crossing the street on the bike path so they would not get hit.

We were sitting there watching all the people walk by us and cross the street right where the cop was. The vast majority of the people were white (actually of of them were white.) The cop was not paying one bit of attention to the people crossing he was just watching the traffic. After about 25 minutes 5 or 6 black kids (14 to 17 years old I suppose) walked by us in the direction of the street crossing. I watched this very closely because I knew what was going to happen. When the kids got to the crossing the cop noticed them, at that point the pig's eyes never left the black kids as they approached the crossing, while they crossed, after they crossed and so on. Remember, the pig never paid one bit of attention to the white people crossing. What were these black kids doing that required attention you may ask... NOTHING.

Hey pig... got a problem with black people? Hey pig, don't think brown people should get to see those fireworks? Your disgusting swine there copper. This little episode was as plain as day, it was so clear what was going on. Here is a little side bar to the story, I have no idea what the current status of the lawsuit is but a former local cop who is Japanese American has filed a claim against the city for harassment or something like that. His claim is that fellow officers used racist language around him and when he reported it to his superior on a few occasions he was finally given a more "undesirable" job on the force. There you have it, our own bit of racist pig shit in home town proud.


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