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November 21, 2005

The Bidness End Of Texas Justice

Texas, what can you say other than don't fuck up there or you will be dispatched. (by the way I did not spell "business" wrong above, Bidness is how W says it.) This article is rather long but if you read about half of it you get the general idea.
Here's the deal, some time ago I use to be pro-capitol punishment. I thought it was a good idea to dispatch killers and pedaphiles. The mere existence of these people disgust me but now I really see no deterrent in killing them. Furthermore, the mere thought of a State killing an innocent man is unnerving. I can not even begin to fathom the feeling of an individual the day of his death and he is the only one that knows he's innocent... what a helpless feeling. I'm also troubled by the fact that there are more minorities on death row than cracker white breads (even though that is not how the crime stats go.) Am I being a conspiracy therorist when I say that it almost seems as this is an indirect way of suppressing the minorities in this country?

I am well aware that our justice system is not looking out for the best interests of the victims. I hardly think that killing someone makes it better. Stick them in prison for life and let them be the bitch of cell block B. I hate crime, I hate losers, our justice system is lacking but I don't think we should kill people. I'm not a softy, quit the opposite I'm a hardliner on crime put them away forever, screw em.


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