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Liberal bicycle commuter, political junkie, policy junkie, free thinker, I've got too many titles. All in all I'll leave it with a quote from the late Senator Paul Wellstone of Minn. "Politics is not about big money and power games, it's about the improvment of peoples lives."


November 10, 2005

Black Gold In ANWAR

Right now I am listening to Neil Conan "Talk of the Nation" on NPR News. As I am doing blogging stuff I;m just kinda casually listening. Neil has Senator Grassley (R) from Iowa and some other guy on talking about gas prices, oil, drilling and all shit related. Grassley loves oil, probably bathes in it. Grassley wants to drill in ANWAR in fact he actually raised his voice while being interviewed. He raised his voice while talking about how "He's American and I don't need to change nor will I change my lifestyle to conserve resources." That was not an exact quote but very close. Jesus Senator, Were you climaxing as you said that? Was it because you were thinking about oil? I can't relate but I suppose if I loved something so much that I wanted it rubbed all over my naked body... well I suppose I'd get off too. Fucking christ, Senator find some forward thinking. Is ANWAR our only choice for us to survive?

Look let me just throw this out, ok being fairly liberal one would think that I am for big government, government in every part of our lives and so on. That is where I split with the liberal idea just a bit. I don't like unnecessary government expansion. I don't think that government knows best for me.

What would happen if the government busted out some cash for "x" amount of homes all over the country to place solar panels and the equipment necessary to run them? I don't know how many homes... thousands. At that point the families could pay back the government, interest free over a designated time. Give it a try see how much energy could be conserved (that would be figured out right off the bat by the bean counters.) If it seems to be a program that works pretty well (nothing works perfect in government) then front some more cash to do a few more thousand homes... see what happens. I know, I know this is the very definition of expanding government. I think it is a good expansion though, your not giving people a free ride your actually conducting what amounts to a scientific test of sorts. This could be looked at as an environmental revolution of sorts. Think if it worked what a wonderful thought, decreased smog in big cities, less asthma and many many other great benefits.


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