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November 01, 2005

A Downward Spiral In Wages

About a month ago I read a full page article in USA Today that followed a Airline Stewardess throughout her entire day. If I remember correctly her day started in Baltimore and ended in San Diego with I believe 2 or 3 stops in between. The article focused on the fact that she had been doing this for 38 years and she was making 40k.

Her wage in the 38 years had actually declined due to cutbacks, union concessions and such. I'm well aware that many will say "shit I wish I was making 40k a year." Let me give you a bit of insite on my own function in life. My job requires me to be on call 24/7 (like a stewardess) When I get called to go to work I go out of town for 24 to 36 hrs (like a stewardess) I live in hotels (like a stewardess) I'm constantly away from my family (like a stewardess) I'm a Union member (like a stewardess). It's not important what I make a year but I will tell you this much, there is no way in hell I would do all that for 40k a year. I know how hard I work and in my opinion airline stewardesses are getting fucked.

As I flew out to Chicago this past weekend I thought to myself my total (with taxes) cost for the round trip was 75 bucks. There is the problem... 75 bucks for my ticket. Airlines cut ticket prices to draw in passengers and then cry broke all year and demand concessions from their employees while the cat at the top gets 7 figure bonuses. I unlike many of my friends don't have one problem with the cats at the top making big coin, bonuses and such. Although I do have a problem with it when the company is failing or at the same time they are demanding concessions from the Union. I may not be in the same industry as the airline personal but I know what their lifestyle is like because I've been living the same way they do for 11 years.


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