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November 07, 2005

High school Teacher Gets Fucked

In our Local newspaper yesterday there was an article about a teacher at the high school that I went to. The teacher taught history and he instructed it in an "unconventional" way. "unconventional" is the word that some people use to describe anything that is just a bit out of the norm or holy fuck.... new. He instructed history from the present back. Meaning, he would take issues such as racism, politics, pop-culture and others in the present time and trace back to see how we got to where we were. I never took this guys class I had a different teacher but I know everyone that was in his class loved him and found his history class riveting.

Well the school board or the suits down at the main public schools building are putting an end to his "different" way of teaching history. Well because you know they know what's best for our children. Never mind that this teacher is a Vietnam vet and self described former pot smoking hippie. This teacher has seen a lot of history in his life and lived it not to mention. But the suites know best so now we are going to have kids hating history class again because they are being taught in an uninteresting manner.

Maybe just maybe if the suites would listen for once, I mean the way they have it set up now we are graduating fucking dip shits from high school. Maybe if they gave the teachers some room to experiment things would improve.


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