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November 07, 2005

Let's Bash The U.S. Sounds Fun To Me

You know I read a lot of different information from a lot of different sources. I probably get information from no less than 50 different sources. Be it liberal, conservative or moderate, I look at them all. I continue to see one thing in common with people who run far left leaning (like me) blogs, on-line zines, newspapers and so fourth. Now, not all of them but a few totally get off on bashing the U. S. They may be Americans or people from foreign countries, it's all the same. The United States (like all countries) has it's issues. Right now we have a totally inept President in the White House, he's made some very poor decisions. All in All though The Untied States is a good country.

I always get a bit of a charge out of folks in France, the Netherlands and so fourth when they bash the U.S. If is was not for the U.S. and it's fellow countries of vision you would be giving the ol' Hitler salute. We sent young men half way around the world to fight for honest freedom of an oppressed people (Don't even publish comments about Iraq, that's a fucked up mess and should not have even been an issue in the first place.) Should we send more help to Darfur? Of course we fucking should, that is one of our problems we are brushing under the carpet. If it was not for the U.S. how many countries would have Nukes? Honestly, what other country would work so hard to keep nukes from spreading all over the place? Yeah I know I know we have more nukes on U.S. soil than one can count. The difference is that we are a bit more level tempered.

In closing, Yes the U.S. has some major issues, what country doesn't. I just wish that the world would look at the very very big picture and understand that we are by far much more good than bad. Unfortunately we have an administration currently in power that is dead set on fucking shit up. I believe they have an idea how the world should run that nobody... NOBODY has even contemplated yet. I look at the current administration as a short term big problem with long lasting, long term problems. Maybe once we get a different President in office be it Republican or Democrat the world will begin to relax a bit and see us in a different light. Currently that will not happen because this President is damaged goods and has lost all respect world wide. Honestly, can you respect someone who is truly not an intelligent individual, Someone who is in a job of power who can not understand the issues, someone who quit frankly in my opinion does not really understand the job?


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