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November 27, 2005

No Decision Yet

Commuter bike or mountain bike... that is the question of the evening. So far I have pulled my pedals off the Vanilla and put them on my mountain bike in anticipation of snow... twice. The vanilla has fenders for the rain we are getting but would probably suck in snow. The mountain bike has no fenders but does great in snow. Is it going to snow? Who knows but it is pretty warm out so I'm thinking of putting the pedals back on the Vanilla. See I'm going to get called to go to work sometime between 3 am and 5 or 6 am so I need to have this shit handled tonight.

I don't mind riding in the rain at all but I do HATE that very odd feeling of cold rain giving you a high colonic when it kicks off the back tire. I should just buy one of those cheap "kind of a fender" for mountain bikes that mount on your seat post.


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