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November 18, 2005

Not A Real Surprise

It sounds as though there might be some rumblings concerning the election reform issues that were voted on in Ohio within the last couple weeks. There were 4 or 5 election reform issues on the ballet, each one separate. All in all It gave power to the people and made elections more fair and less prone to outside influences. I myself was very surprised to learn that the people of Ohio voted all reform issues down.

There are some very strange results from the pre-polling and actual voter results. Pre-polling would show that 65% of the public supported the reform issue while actual results were substantially lower. What may this mean? Well it could mean that our democracy is a complete sham. It could mean that it's time for a revolt.

Folks do you understand that there are people in this country that may or may not be in the spotlight that have power that you and I don't even understand. Power so great that you and I will not even be able to comprehend it. These people have so much power that changing votes is child's play really. All one has to do is look at the election reform issues that were voted on. THEY TAKE POWER AWAY FROM THE POWERFUL...GET IT? I'm not one to make un-educated accusations so I will hold my opinion for the time being. Would it surprise me if we found out the election was tampered with? No, it really would not. Well that is a sad statement isn't it? "not surprised if an election was fucked in a democracy." Jesus christ that is sad.

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