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November 13, 2005

Oh the Compassionate conservatism Is Just Dripping.

This Article is from our local paper today. I was going to say that it is total fucking bullshit but then I thought to myself it's not bullshit it's actually very very sad. I've never been in a position where I needed some form of aid from an outside organization. I have been in a situation where finances where so tight that I could not afford to provide a gift for a birthday or Christmas or what ever. That was many years ago and I can remember like it was yesterday the feeling that I had. I at the time was single so it was only hurting me, What about families that want a decent Thanksgiving and can't afford to provide a decent turkey dinner for their kids.

Thanksgiving... just about the most American holiday there is right? This is very sad to me. Do you think all those Dem and Rep Senators that chose to cut the assistance programs are going to have a "decent" turkey dinner? Jesus Christ these people make me want to puke, rotten to the core I tell you. Tax cuts for the rich, tax breaks for big oil and gas, tax breaks for auto makers all while people who need just a few bucks for a god damn turkey are told to "find a fucking road kill crow for dinner."

Who do I blame... The sick demented son of a bitch in the White House, Dem and Republican Senators who think it was a good idea to cut these programs, Lobbyists, and the American public for not seeing things like this and revolting. Revolting... say your not going to take it anymore and just sit down, everyone just sit down and refuse to work, refuse to purchase anything but the necessities to live, everyone for one week just STOP. You could crash the country in one week by STOPPING everything you do. Send a message that until there are changes your not doing anything. Trust me when I say things would change in a big hurry.

After reading this article my wife and I will be throwing a little coin their direction so maybe someone can have a fucking turkey for Thanksgiving. Can you actually believe I am saying that? I have to donate money to an organization so they can get a turkey for someone. In my opinion in America nobody should have to beg for a Thanksgiving dinner.


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