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November 19, 2005

Organized Labor, Is It Baaaad?

I'd like to take a few minutes to talk about organized labor, i.e. unions. First of all this is coming from the viewpoint of an 11 year union member who is also an elected union offical. Recently there has been much publicity of comapanies threatening theat they are going to fold unless they get immediate concessions from the unions. Further more, there are companies that are requesting from court nulification of contracts that were setteled in the collective barganing process that they themselves signed.

I'm well awear of the idea of some that unions hurt business, stifle growth and are anti-business. In my openion a lot of this mentality has formed because they have only been told one side of the story from the different forms of media. Media always seems to portray organized labor as unwilling to compromise, always wanting more and don't care about the company their members work for. This is absolutly untrue.

Take for instance Delta, they are requesting nulified contracts and major concessions from the pilots union regarding wages and benifits. So your saying "Bicycle Commuter Mike they need to do that to stay afloat!" .....bullshit.... Delta has exibited poor decision making in finances, management compenstation, resource utilization and maximizing rout efficiancy (I do not work for Delta.) As a result of the companies shortcomings the management is placing the blame on their employees backs and demanding they "give back." I will tell you this much, I'm sure that Delta employees from the mechanics to the pilots work very very hard and deserve no blame in this at all.

I was not born yet durring the Industrialized Revolution but I have read a lot about it and what role organized labor played in it. Can you think of a more American thing than fighting tooth and nail for workers rights, fair pay, overtime pay, and fair labor practices. Folks do you understand that people gave their lives for the cause that they believed in at the time? People died durring that time fighting for workers rights so that you today could have such things as minumum wage and overtime, the right to overtime, unemployment compenstation, the five day work-week, workmen's comp. and the Family and Medical Leave Act.

Am I sugesting to you as someone who is not a member of organized labor that you should be indebted to me since I am a union member? No, that is not what I am saying. What I am saying is please understand that organized labor has always fought for the average American while the people who are spewing anti-organized labor dribble from news pundents to Senators are the ones who are anti-family, anti-worker, anti-living wage, anti-woman, anti-"I'd just like to fucking have a good life."

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