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November 16, 2005

The Right Idea


This is me kicking it in Portland, OR. The above link explains the idea of the painted intersection. Take a real good look at the page above and tell me that Portland doesn't have the right idea. After I was done getting measured up for my bike frame we told Sacha that we wanted to go for a walk and asked him where to. He pointed us in a general direction so off we went. Vanilla Bicycles is in a rather densely populated area of SE Portland. As we were walking around there were bicycles everywhere being used for transportation. It was absolutely beautiful.

Because of urban sprawl and poor city planning there is no interaction anymore with your fellow citizens. Portland neighborhoods decided to take it upon themselves to build community. In the background you can see a small wood frame, they had those on all four corners and were intended as a "meeting place." I can not begin to tell you how neat of a neighborhood this was, everyone was out and about talking with each other and so fourth.

When my wife and I were looking for a house one major requirement was that we would have to be centrally located in the city. As it is we are pretty much smack dab in the center now. Within a very short bike ride all the services that one may need are at hand with very few exceptions. Additionally, even though I live in a very very conservative neighborhood and I'm about 180 degrees from the others ideas there is community. Everyone talks to each other and helps each other. Do I ever venture to far north 27th street or far south 27th street? NEVER, I never go out there nor do I need to go out there all the services I need are within 10 minutes.

I truly don't get the idea of living in the "burbs." It's nuts, why drive all that way, spend all that time commuting when you could live in the inner city? Anyway, take a look at the web site that I linked to above it is really neat. I don't think the "head in the sand" city I live in would ever allow such a thing.


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