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November 07, 2005

Should We Actually Be Surprised?

Yesterday USA Today newspaper had an article about the cars that people are currently purchasing. Guess what... were back to gas guzzlers. Big fucking surprise huh. Yep now that gas prices are "down" or "reasonable" people feel that they can now afford to purchase their big fuck off SUV. Jesus christ we are so "now" fixated. I hope gas would go up to 6 bucks gallon and teach people a lesson... teach everyone a lesson.

In the interest of full disclosure my wife and I have one car between the two of us. The car is a Jeep Cherokee, I married into it and it's a piece of shit anyway. My wife bought it used and it has 175,000 miles on it. The son of a bitch won't die. We don't drive it much so that probably will prolong the life of this car. When if finally does die we will look for another used car that is a lot better gas mileage wise.

Anyone who thinks that a couple has to have 2 cars, I'm proof that you don't. The key to the deal is you use some forward thinking, and you adapt. Oh that's right we HATE to have to adapt, it's almost a dirty word.


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