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November 21, 2005

Torture Senators

Here is a list of the Senators that voted against McCain's anti-torture amendment. You know what Senators... your monsters, your rotten to the core and really your sub-human. God your disgusting. Funny how with two exceptions these Senators come from pretty much southern states, or more to the point very conservative states.

• Wayne Allard (Colorado)
• Kit Bond ( Missouri)
• Tom Coburn (Oklahoma)
• Thad Cochran ( Mississippi)
• John Cornyn (Texas)
• James Inhofe (Oklahoma)
• Pat Roberts ( Kansas)
• Jeff Sessions (Alabama)
• Ted Stevens (Alaska)

I think that before any Senator votes for tourture they would have to under go a bit of torture for themselves... you know just to see what they are voting for. Senators always jump at the chance for international travel you assertingssertaint the facts" on what they are voting on. So what is the difference? "god I don't know about this torture thing, hey anyone got some thumb screws I need to give myself a round so I understand what I'm voting on."

God can you believe that these Senators have wives, kids grand kids? Honestly would that not be weird to have a husband or father, grand father that with his own hands gave the "thumbs up" gesture in chambers to torture? I shit you not when I say right at this moment that creeps me out.

Hey Senator, you going to carve that turkey with those hands?


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