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November 13, 2005

Truly Necessary??

Sorry I have not posted anything new for a while, I've been out of town with my job (like usual.) When I go to work I leave the state, when I get to my destination I am taken to a hotel where I wait to get called to come home. So I am sitting in the lobby of the hotel yesterday waiting for my ride to work and one of the people I work with is sitting at the computer in the lobby surfing the web a bit. I don't know this guy very well I've only worked with him once. I know he's fairly young, single and relatively new to the job.

I'm watching what he's looking at and he goes to the Ford truck motor company web site and starts looking at full size brand new pick-ups. at that point he mentions to the guy that I am working with that he is going to get a new truck. At that point I'm thinking to myself you spend the majority of your life at work, your truck would be sitting outside at work for 24 to 36 hours while you were out of town and explain to me why you need a brand new $25,000 truck.

It just blows my mind, when I pedal to work and go by the parking lot there are dozens of expensive brand new pick-ups sitting there. I'm not talking little Ford Rangers either. What is the fucking point? I'm not saying you should be resticted from buying what you want, come on this is America. What I am saying is use a little common sense. God the consumption we are obsessed with is fucking crazy. "I won't every get to enjoy my brand new pick-up because I work so much but by god I know I have it and it makes me feels sooo good." Christ... I truly don't understand the mentality.

Here's the deal... do I hate cars? the simple answer is yes and no. I hate the average everyday personal vehicle, in my opinion you can perform most of your errands on a bike. I love cars, I love vintage Volkswagens, my dad has many of them. He may have a lot of VW's but he does not drive them all the time. So I do like cars, love to work on them and such. It is just the average everyday car used for errands and transportation that I dislike.


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