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December 25, 2005

Bike restoring

So this guy at work told me that his first bike was a lemon Peeler and that his dad had just recenty dug it out of the barn after years and years. He wants it restored and asked if I would do it. I'm not much into restoring when the item is a basket case but I told him to bring it over anyway. To my surprise everything was there so I told him I would do it.

Over the years I have restored probably 40 cars with my dad so this should not be any big deal. The chrome is a bit rough but will go to Ohio for re-chroming (best chrome guy in the country.) decals..Ebay applied and clear coated over. Frame... to Portland for paint. Odds and Ends Locally. Should be a good time because there is not a budget on this item, I was instructed to "Spend however much it takes."


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