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Liberal bicycle commuter, political junkie, policy junkie, free thinker, I've got too many titles. All in all I'll leave it with a quote from the late Senator Paul Wellstone of Minn. "Politics is not about big money and power games, it's about the improvment of peoples lives."


December 15, 2005

Bill and John You Guys Are Both Grenches

Have you noticed the only people blowing this out of proportion are Bill O'Reilly and John Gibson from FOX? You know I use to actually like Bill when his programs were based more around victim's rights, exposing corruption and so on. Now he's nothing but a partisan hack who continually lies and spews hate. What a jerk. He's encouraging evangelical flat earthers to not use their brain by wiping them into a frenzy for something that is just not as wide spread as bill and John would have you believe.

OK bill, John... I know your feeling bad for nobody saying "merry christmas" to you so here you go... Merry christmas you fuck tard cat felchers.


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