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Liberal bicycle commuter, political junkie, policy junkie, free thinker, I've got too many titles. All in all I'll leave it with a quote from the late Senator Paul Wellstone of Minn. "Politics is not about big money and power games, it's about the improvment of peoples lives."


December 25, 2005


Boglines is a great resource for tracking updates to your frequently visited sites. You just paste the URL into the field and when you log into Bloglines it shows you if there has been any updates to those particular sites. The benefit being this, you no longer have to access many different sites to get your information and no scolling to see if there are indeed any updates to those sites. This saves a ton of time and it is the only way I check for updates on sites and or blogs. The only drawback is this, if you are a status quo type of person and crave the color and beauty of your favorite sites this is not for you.


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