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December 11, 2005

Crack Journalism

This is a short interview with Mike Wallace. It's worth a quick read because he's one of those old school reporters who dig and dig and dig until they get to the bottom of a story. Mike Wallace is what the White House press core is not. Understand? I'm 32 years old so I can still remember watching the news with my parents when it was not so "news wow" or sensationalism. Today we have Fox news alerts, scrolling clips on the bottom of the screen, wild graphics, "journalists" that offer up their opinion and on and on and on. Jesus today's media just has no depth at all. It's unfortunate but that is what people want today, sex, blood, yelling and so forth.

I want my news delivered to me in a monotone voice, no moving banners, no opinion and it would be really neat if I was unable to tell if the journalist was a Dem. or Rep. (kind of like C-Span.)


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