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December 01, 2005

If Catholic Your Going To Hate Me

Here is the deal, if you are catholic you very well may be offended by this post. I'm sorry for that... wait, no I'm not. I've said before that my wife and I live in just about the most conservative neighborhood in the city. My back yard backs onto the Catholic grade school, while across the street from that is the church. As a result my neighborhood is probably 90% catholic families. My neighborhood is full of bungalow style homes the vast majority of which are in excellent shape. As a result my neighborhood is well sought after as a place to live.

I've said before that I am not a religious person in any way, Christianity has been bastardized by many people and many organizations in recent years. We have lived here just over a year and have noticed some rather odd things in regard to Catholicism. My next door neighbor is a doctor and his family from what I've been told is one of the most "famous" catholic families in the Midwest. i.e. money, money, money, as a result lots of visits from the priests, you know got to keep him feeling special to get that money coming in.

Here is what I want to know:

(1)Why do priests get to drive around in convertible VW Beetles with aftermarket professionally installed stereo systems in them while nuns if they do go out drive early 70's hand me down Oldsmobile cutlass?

(2) Why do nuns have to wear what I consider "bags", uncomfortable shitty looking, stiff and bland dresses, skirts and tops, while priests get to wear Hugo Boss? (trust me on this one I can spot Boss a block away.)

(3) Why do the young girls in families as they grow up into their late teens not see this obvious double standard and say "no mom and dad fuck you no way am I going to be lesser than and conform to what crusty men that wear pajamas in Italy say." Honestly if I was a young woman I'd day no way to the idea that woman are lesser than in the church and don't say they aren't because it's true and you know it.

(4) Why do Catholics insist on having a million kids even though it throws them into the poor house? (I've seen this as well on my street.)

(5) Why do you (and other religions) hold the bible outstretched in your arm and preach separation, hatred and isolationism to lifestyles, people and organizations you don't agree with.

(6) Why are you not tolerant? 2 words... Spanish Inquasision (spelled wrong)... that lacked tolerance.

Oh but Bicycle Commuter Mike your not tolerant! Yes I am I'm just not tolerant of people who hate and isolate. There's my questions, any Catholics care to answer them? If you do I will by no means rip you apart on this blog, I'll let you speak so that everyone can have the answers.


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