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Liberal bicycle commuter, political junkie, policy junkie, free thinker, I've got too many titles. All in all I'll leave it with a quote from the late Senator Paul Wellstone of Minn. "Politics is not about big money and power games, it's about the improvment of peoples lives."


December 11, 2005

Murtha... Dove or Hawk

I just want to clear the air a bit on Murtha. See all of us liberals (except me) are getting behind Murtha for a pull out. "Oh Murtha your a great guy"... bullshit... see "partial Murtha" is a hawk, he loves blood and gore. You as anti-war liberals would ordinarily be against partial Murtha. Partial Murtha generally is 180 degrees off of your belief's as far as war goes. I am not going to be a "head in the sand" liberal and just jump on any band wagon that happens to be going down the road, Im a truth seeker and I look at the whole picture. I'm surprised partial murtha is speaking out, is it a good thing, yes of course but don't put him up on some pedestal just for this one act.


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