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December 01, 2005

Not so Cheery today huh Duke?

Tough times huh Duke? Boy that's too bad you pig fucker. You are the absolute definition of a disgrace you miniature feeble little man. Why is it that when ever we hear about some underhanded financial dealings it generally involves Republicans? Hey don't get me wrong here I am well aware that our elected Democrats have their hand out all the time as well but it seems to me that the Republicans take it a step further. It's almost as though it is a fetish of sorts. A deep seeded need for the green.

On that note I see the same thing with sex. When ever we hear about some funky sex thing it's always the republicans that have the baseball bat up their ass or are asking their wife if she would enjoy having "bill" watch them bang in the hallway. Duuuuke.... money dealings aside, do you like butter in your ass?

I digress, How on earth did this rotten man think that he would get away with this? He's a public figure so he is under the spotlight. To cover up illegal financial dealings you have to be very very good, it always leaves a paper trail. Did he honestly think that he was un-touchable? Oh well I would imagine he can think about it when he's do'n time in the pokey. I suppose when he gets out of prison his ass is going to be the size of a pop can and he'll have to wear diapers for the rest of his life.

God this guy goes on TV and cries, puts his head in his hands and cries. He was not crying because he did wrong he was crying because he got caught. At the very least ex-congressman hold your head up and face your constituents, don't cry like a little bitch. I think that it goes without saying that people like this are very weak. Great legacy Duke, good job.


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