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December 09, 2005

Sky Marshall Says Your Toast

I suppose it was just a matter of time before a Sky Marshall "dispatched" a passenger that was perceived as a threat. Unfortunately this latest incident it turns out was a passenger that was having a medical issue and was not carrying a bomb (like he said he was.)

I really feel very bad for his wife who witnessed her husband being gunned down... Horrible at best. Here is my thoughts on the deal. First, why was this man not taking his medication if it was know that a result of being off his meds could lead to an outburst (not something you want in an airport.) Secondly, if someone is running through an airport or airliner with erratic behavior and mentions "bomb" while at the same time reaching into a backpack what really is the expected outcome? In my opinion in that type of cicumstance shoot first ask questions later.

"Oh Bicycle Commuter Mike that's not a very liberal democratic thing to say!" Well I'm not 100% dove either I have just a bit of hawk running through me. I'm a realist, a truth seeker, a 21st century man and a protector of my family. If I perceive a threat to my wife or family I will shoot and I will kill to protect. This is exactly what the Air marshals did on that plane, they perceived a threat tot he public and neutralized it. I liken this to the bear in the forest. What happens when you get between mommy bear and baby bear? That's right your dispatched. We are all animals and we protect our own, it is as simple as that... take away the threat.

Understand this people, you can no longer "fuck around" in an airport. I nor anyone else wants individuals disrupting such a serious business as air travel. "Oh Bicycle Commuter Mike the government has succeeded in scaring you that is what they want!"......bullshit..... remember, I'm a realist, I'm not scared I just understand we live in a different world and there are indeed people who will blow their bodies up to kill others.

Kudos to the Air marshals? No, it was an unfortunate incident but I'm glad they are there to help when needed.


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