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December 19, 2005

Yule Tide Cheer

Mmmm the sweet scent of pine. lights, candles, ribbon wow it's just so beautiful out there isn't it? Baby Jesus... little jesus in the manger so still, the wise men. Christmas songs, little mittens and ear muffs. Presents under the christmas tree, is it a bike or is it that train set? christmas ham with all the trimmings oh and guess what... pumpkin pie says mom. Oh blessed it's just so peaceful and cherished...........BANG mother fucker it's a god damn christmas IED! That's right folks it's christmas time and it's time to celebrate baby jesus and the always famous IED that blows young Americans to bits.

Half a world away but this is on your doorstep truth seekers. Don't think for a second that little baby jesus in the manger makes everything so nice. Blood, guts and dismemberment that is the serving of the day.

If there are any Republican lurkers here DO NOT post a comment that has any of the following words in it... Terrorism, terrorist, democracy, freedom, liberate free, hard work, sacrifice. None of those words have anything to do with the reason we are in Iraq. DO NOT SAY OTHERWISE I will ban you from commenting because I will not allow lies to be posted here.

Remember everyone while you are eating Christmas ham this year, some poor son of a bitch just had his face wiped off via gunfire.

I god damn love christmas don't you?


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