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January 06, 2006

Abramhoff And His Disgust For The Indigenous People Of This Country

OK I know this whole Abramhoff thing is really disgusting. It sounds as though it pretty much crosses party lines and lots of our elected officials are on the "red phone" with their attorneys. I'm still absorbing all the information so that I can make intelligent comments later. But I think the one thing that is getting left in the wake of all this is the exploitation of the Native Americans.

These Native American tribes paid millions to Abramhoff to protect their gambling interests and Abramhoff divvied the money up as he so choosed. First let me say this, I'm not anti-gambling I just find it a bit sad that a people who are indigenous to this part of the world, a proud and self sufficient people now to make money have to resort to the gaming industry. Abramhoff topped his antics off by referring to Native Americans as "stupid" and other derogatory terms as well. Yeah I know I know we butchered them and kicked them off their land so they need to make money some how. That is not my point, the American Indian are an intriguing people and unfortunately their heritage is disappearing I just hate to see gaming contributing to it. I'm not saying it wrong by any means, just unfortunate.

See, the deal is nobody cares about Native Americans, never have never will. I think as Americans once we've conquered a people (Native Americans, Blacks) we could give two shits about them. I think history only proves my point. It's almost a pompous, grudge holding thought process we have. Again, the real tragedy here is not that we have corrupt politicians, it's the fact that once again Native Americans were lied to, taken advantage of, marginalized and spit out the back in the end.


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