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January 12, 2006

Alito confirmation???

I've been watching the confirmation hearing closely. I believe Alito will be confirmed as this article states. Ok you have the folks who are pro-life supporting the guy...fine. Does anyone out there who are just average everyday Mr. and Mrs. public even give one shit about the way they live on a daily basis? Jesus Christ this guy has a huge track record of supporting big business and the government in cases brought before him by average everyday citizens. Consumer protection, organized labor rights, workmen's comp., environmental issues, PRIVACY issues for Christ sake, executive power, states rights, eminent domain and on and on and on.

Who know if Roe will every be overturned, I'm sure everyone can figure out my view on Roe. For Christ sake these people want this guy in for the ONE reason of overturning Roe... MAYBE. Well, you may get your way, but when you go to the Supreme Court because a company made a product that forever injured you with their prior knowing and Alito tells you to "get fucked," You have only yourself to blame.

I like the "I told you so" idea so much I almost hope this guy gets confirmed. Then he can strip you of all sorts of rights that you have now and I can sit back with my rights stripped as well and say "I didn't support him."


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