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January 02, 2006

Better Shore Up The Base George

Gee, imagine that a lack of support for Bush among the enlisted military. These men and women are not "soft" or wimps. The simple fact is that you can not take away a family member and place them in some other country for a year and then do it all over again 2 or 3 more times. The military is spread rather thin currently and they have to continue to recycle these troops. Jesus christ George what did you think for god sake? Ship Jenna off someplace for a while where she can get killed then get her back for 2 months only to get shipped off again. How would you feel George? Just a bit pissed??

You just can not do this type of thing in this day and age. It would be totally different if we were invaded or under some huge threat...from Iraq. But we are not that is why people are getting restless. Jesus, the mental hardships, day to day hardships and financial hardships (oh you would not understand that one Bunny Pants)that these families endure.


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