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January 05, 2006

Bill And letterman

OK I swear this is my last little bit on the whole "can't say Christmas thing" that people are putting out as some form of huge threat. This is the transcript of that pile of crap O'reilly and Letterman on the subject. Seriously, can you honestly say there was some under the table threat on Christmas by liberals... honestly? See people like O'reilly beat the drums of fear to flare up the base. He wiped the fundies and evangelicals into a fever by telling them that basically within a couple years they no longer would have any Christmas.

O'Reilly does a huge dis-service to journalism, it's people like him that give journalism a bad name which is too bad. Whenever I watch or listen to the news I really try to wait before forming an opinion so that I can absorb the facts and consider the source. Anyway, Bill your a puke and anyone with any thoughts of their own realize that your nothing but a wind bag... a wind bag that lies worst of all.


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