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January 25, 2006

Did Somebody Say Wood Fenders?

So my wife being the kick ass chicka that she is decided that my really nice SKS fenders on my Vanilla were just not enough. As a result she picked up the "red phone" and called Mr. White in Portland. Waalaa! checks in the mail and the fenders should be here straight away.

Yeah that's right, she doesn't get me new jeans, or CD's or some other bullshit consumer product, she hooks me up with something I can actually use for my form of transportation.

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Anonymous Sammi said ... (1/26/2006 10:20 PM) : 

Yes, You do have a kick ass chicka for a wife. But don't forget, if I get you something super kick ass for V-Day and you return the favor, possibly something in the way of a bullshit consumer product like jewelry. Love, your wife


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