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January 31, 2006

Does This Actually Happen

For those special occasions such as birthdays yes you too can have a special forces themed birthday. Check out the plates and napkins, is this not just a little weird? Sooooo little Timmy is going on six and Mom and Dad say "hey let's have a special forces themed birthday! it will be great."

I recently read that one of the most popular requested themes from young children is a Hummer themed birthday... WTF? A birthday themed after a SUV, a fucking car? What the hell is that all about? Car culture my friends, don't think for one moment that it is not driven into our heads at a young age.

I have to say it, I can not begin to tell you how liberating, empowering in fact it is to throw a leg over my bike to get MYSELF to work or any other place. I think one of the little satisfactions I have in my life is when I lock my bike to a parking meeter or a "no parking" sign. Just try it once folks, ride your bike to the store to get the pack of smokes or a pop. You don't have to ride everywhere just try it once.

If my wife and I ever have children I doubt we will have the Hummer themed birthday party... might be going out a limb with that but I doubt it.


Comments on "Does This Actually Happen"


Anonymous Sammi said ... (2/01/2006 3:01 PM) : 

If we ever have a kid, the last thing we will do is celebrate their birthday by pretending to be in the special forces or with a hummer theme.

I am still old fashion and think kids playing outside, riding bikes and playing games will do the trick for a successful party.

Maybe these parents should take their kids and their friends on a field trip at these parties to visit refugees and victims from the countries we have invaded for oil and see how they feel about such theme parties. I imagine it would be an eye opening experience for all of them.

We are all in deep shit if this is how we raise our children.


Anonymous Bri said ... (2/01/2006 4:41 PM) : 

stupid birthday party themes aside, let's throw an unbirthday BEACH PARTY a month from today!!! :-) happy february to you mike.


Blogger Bicycle Commuter Mike said ... (2/01/2006 4:56 PM) : 

You will have the privlage of seeing my pasty white sexy chest and watching me frolic in the Gulf with all the sexy young men.


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