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January 08, 2006

Ending The Gitmo Protests

So let me get this straight,They are force feeding the prisoners at Gitmo because they are performing an act of non-violent protest. Before anyone starts bashing me saying that those are terrorist and they are getting what they deserve let me correct you. The vast majority of them are not even charged with anything....THEY HAVE NOT DONE ANYTHING, they are just being held for what I can tell "the hell of it."

See the U.S. is in a sensitive situation here, they don't want a bunch of Gitmo folks croaking because they were on a NON-VIOLENT hunger strike protesting their incarceration because that might look bad to the world community. Forcing feeding tubes down their noses into their stomachs... jesus joseph and mary... john the baptist what the fuck is that all about? Here is a thought, someone ever shoves a feeding tube down my nose because I'm pissed at them already... trust me I'll be really bent at them after that.

We really need to figure out what is going on down there, are we just going to have this permanent prison down there holding people forever without charges? Get on the ball and cut them loose or charge them. I don't treat my dogs the way these people are being treated, christ. Remember, DO NOT post comments distorting the truth I will delete them due to lies. I am very very open and to date have not deleted one comment so the edge is way way out there, feel free to comment but use only factual information in your comment.

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