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January 17, 2006

Great Picture

I got this picture off of clever chimp by way of balla nallama I LOVE this picture, if I had three kids this is the bike I'd have. Hell if my wife and I had even one kid this is the bike I'd have. Think for one moment if Americans got around town this way would that not be exciting. I think I would have died and gone to heaven (if I was a religious person of course) if I was riding through downtown and I saw folks traversing the city this way.

Maybe in the next 3 years or so my wife and I can transfer to a more progressive city where bicycles may not be the norm but are much more excepted as a form of transportation say.... Portland. Damn it to hell I need a bit more seniority to hold out there... christ. Yeah yeah I've heard it before and no it's not important what I do that is not the focus of this blog.

Jesus I love this picture I can't stop looking at it. By the way do look at clever chips site there is a great little device on there for making you bike a real commuter as far as carrying things go.


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