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January 27, 2006

Hmmmm A Cooling Economy, Who Would Have Thought

"Fucking shit bitch, more bad new for my sorry panty wearing cheer leading ass."
Guess being President isn't quit the cake walk you thought it would be huh Bunny Pants? I guess when the economy starts to cool your kind of going to be up a creek without a paddle you know since your big god damn tax cuts were suppose to be like some second coming of Christ. Well you know what, Ford is laying off tens of thousand of people, energy prices are through the roof, more and more people are without health insurance and Dad can't afford to take little Timmy to the movies because he just had his ass laid off from Ford and now has to save up money to pay for some aspirin that would have been paid for through his insurance policy at work.

See how things are all rather interconnected George? It's a tough job huh. Well your the one that thought you could do some great job at it and as it turns out your truly nothing bus a rotten failure. I am very confident that 10 years after you are out of office when the REAL political books come out you will go down as a failure. History George, it's your worst nightmare.

Do you think Bunny Pants is back on the bottle yet? Maybe doing some hot lines off the banister in the White House. Maybe, Maybe not but I would not be surprised.


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Anonymous Anonymous said ... (2/05/2006 9:41 AM) : 

Um, you misspelled "off."
And what the heck is "enter-connected?" If you're looking to express a relationship between two things, the word you want is, 'interconnected'(and it's not hyphenated).
You don't think the layoffs at Ford have anything to do with the fact that my '05 Mustang has been in the shop 4 times already?

I'll agree with you about the tax cuts though. As evident in this blog, we need to seriously increase spending on education.
No wonder they're outsourcing all our jobs. Thanks for the shining example.


Blogger Bicycle Commuter Mike said ... (2/05/2006 2:23 PM) : 

Yep your right I for sure blew "interconnected." As far as misspellings go, often I am in a massive hurry to post at least one entry. I work 7 days a week and have not taken a day off for ....42 days now. when I go to work I am gone for 24 to 36 hours. As a result my time at home is very precious. Sure I spell words wrong from time to time, hey if that's my biggest problem then I'm doing great.

My wife and I have wonderful educations and worked very hard for them in fact. When you post a comment about one of my posts that you disagree with do you have to insult me? Why are you rude? Am I being rude to you at this moment? Anyway, thanks for the comment and please feel free to comment again just be civil and try not to be insulting.

off to make corrections...

have a great day


Blogger Bicycle Commuter Mike said ... (2/05/2006 2:35 PM) : 

Oh and your Mustang, Ride your bike to work, it's fun and enjoyable and I never have to take my bike to the shop!

I'm not directing this just at you, but it's rare when I feel sorry for poeple when their car breaks down. 90% of car use is not necessary, trust me I know I've been bicycle commuting for years.

By the way, my parent's new Saab, it's been in the shop a few times too. Technology, the more complex the more things that can go wrong.


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