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January 25, 2006

John Brown Says Gays Are Baaaaad

Hey what do you know, another story of homophobes going nuts over a way of life that scares them. John Brown University hates gays folks, no other way to put it. Some time ago I looked up the student expectations for John Brown U. I looked it up again and was going to cut and paste but for some reason I can not change tools to do so (I have no idea why I am rather fluent with adobe. So I did the next best thing here is the handbook. Page down to I believe page 23 that is where the good stuff is. No sex, no dancing, no short skirts and girls you better not wear that shirt that shows your tummy. But there's more you will have to read it's great.

You know, to each there own I guess but like I've said before I really don't understand how people can consider others wrong or deviant because of the way they choose to live their lives. Are these people breaking the law? Are these people hurting anyone? No of course not they are just average everyday people. Anyway, there is your little does of gay bashing people, I never want to miss an opportunity to point out other peoples disgusting hatred of others for the way they live.


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