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January 26, 2006

The Military Hates Gays Too

Call me crazy but from what I understand from this article I gather that the Pentagon does not believe that gay folks are able to care for injured soldiers as well as heterosexual folks are. Am I going out on a limb here? That's how I read it. I think the whole no gays in the military thing is stupid. There is this whole idea that some gay guy is going to go around hitting on everyone...not true. I seriously doubt that type of behavior would take place.
Now there is rumblings that we are lacking trained medical personal, interesting.

This is a perfect example why I don't want military recruiters anywhere near college campuses. The military will welcome an illegal alien with open arms but not a homosexual? Bigots. If I had a kid I would sway him away from the military for that reason alone. I would not want my kid to be part of an organization that does not respect the lifestyles of some. Unless your willing to except all folks get the hell off the college campus.


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