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January 12, 2006

Oh Jack Your Such A Rotten Monster

Well as I mentioned before Abramhoff hated American Indians, so much that he called them "stupid" as well as other rather colorful racist slurs. So now we find out he is a homophobe as well. Geeze Jack is there anyone who you don't make rotten comments about? What a rotten to the core pig. I'm familiar with all the jerks in this article, funny how nearly all of them have some form of religious background. What is it with the right-wing conservatives? Why the hate, why the isolation, why the rotten pig comments? "Oh bicycle commuter mike your not tolerant either, you don't like religious people." No... I don't like religious people who promote hate and segregation. There is a difference. Am I religious.. No but that does not mean that I don't respect others beliefs.

I think there will be a day and I don't know when but all of these crazy right-wing wack jobs are going to be marginalized. The vast majority of people by nature are good and they don't like others being smeared because of the way they lead their lives. I think that it is great all the people that I know, everything from rather conservative to out right gay or lesbian. People that have all kinds of different thoughts, maybe I agree with them maybe I don't but I know this it makes me a more enlightened person knowing these people. I'm glad to have friends that are gay and lesbian. I'm glad to know people who are at the lower end of the economic spectrum. Anyway, Abramhoff will have a lot of time on his hands sitting in a Federal prison to contemplate his future and if he will be more excepting of others instead of just stealing from them and then calling them stupid.


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