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January 31, 2006

State Of The Union

I'm not really going to talk much about last night's State of The Union speech, you can go to another blog for that. All I will say is that it was the same ol' barf just regurgitated a different way. I thought about dissecting the speech but why...anyone with half a brain can see through it.

I truly long for a President to come out and give a speech that will truly move me. A speech that will send a shiver up my spine. Remember when Kennedy unexpectedly said that by the end of the decade we will put a man on the moon? That was moving. I was not alive when he said that but when I see that speech on TV I honestly get goose bumps. He was laughed at, he was not taken seriously but what he was was the President and he said to "do it" and it was done. an impossible feat. That is what I want.

What if President Bush came out and said by 2018 we will not import one drop of oil from the Middle East and at the same time we will not drill one more hole in our land. Instead we will employ the greatest minds on the face of the earth to work on current alternative energy resources and invent new ones. Would that not be crazy? Would that not be something to rally behind the country with? Think it is impossible, so was going to the moon... Unfortunately that is not what we heard we got old barf.

unimpressed and out

Comments on "State Of The Union"


Blogger Bryan said ... (2/01/2006 3:07 PM) : 

I am running for President. Soon, I will make those kind of speeches you long for.


Blogger Bicycle Commuter Mike said ... (2/01/2006 3:49 PM) : 

I don't even know you but you've got my vote.... I'll fly by the seat of my pants and vote blind...live on the edge.


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