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January 28, 2006

Vegans, The New Sleeper Cell

Wow, government surveillance on vegan rallies. So a group of vegans are protesting peacefully outside a ham factory and the FBI decides that they are some form of threat? To top it off a chick writes down the plate number of a undercover FBI guy's car and he throws her in jail for it, nice. Maybe, just maybe that FBI guy should be monitoring actual terrorist organizations instead of harassing non-violent Americans. The article is rather short and only takes a minute to read so I think that it is worth a quick look. I think the person said it best in the article that they were not aware of any PRO-war groups being watched or under surveillance. These agents, when they are told to go watch a group of this nature would you not think that they would say "no" just for the mere reason that this is violating people's rights, or are they so married to the organization or bitches to it that they just nod their head "yes".

Oh by the way, Dennis Kucinich the Congressman from Ohio is a vegan, does he need to be wathced?


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