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February 24, 2006

The Bicycle Nomad Inflicts Sweet Revenge

Now excuse me if I am rather vague about the following tale but I'm sure you will understand. OK so last night I had to ride down to my wife's office downtown. I decided to take my mountain bike because... well because. I'm sitting first out at a red light and this guy behind me wants to turn right. What does he do? He honks, I ignore. At that point he moves forward and gets in my "space" then yells. I tell him that I'm traffic and I'm not by law allowed to be out to foul the crosswalk.

Holy titty balls, he went ape shit. the light turns and he starts threatening me with his car, I call him a biotch and then he chases me down, runs me into the grass and turns the next corner to cut me off. He's charging me I swerve off the grass into traffic, do a kick ass skid, and reposition for the kill shot. At this point he changes direction on foot and is charging again. The kill shot you ask? Well that's where it gets vague, no I didn't do anything to him but I'll say this, one word......bodyshop.

Let me put it this way, I've been riding mountain bikes since the very first mountain bike came out. I've been riding them on streets and off road so don't for a moment think that you are going to out maneuver me in your car or on foot. Maybe most importantly, I'm the bicycling nomad, the kung fu master of truth, I'm militant and if you endanger me and attempt to make my wife a widow I will seek eternal damn nation upon you. You threaten me and I take that as a threat on my wife as well. I have one hell of a temper and when I'm threatened something is getting broke.

The nomad of truth forever seeking justice

Comments on "The Bicycle Nomad Inflicts Sweet Revenge"


Blogger Filemore said ... (2/25/2006 10:11 AM) : 

YES!!!!!!!!Nice Ninja work.

After some dumbass pulled out right in front of me, I was thinking that it is about time that we step up and stand ground. I was thinking that i am either going to start carrying something heavy in my water bottle carrier or just ride a piece-o-shit heavy ass bike that makes huge dents in side panels.

This week while walking across 27th and vine in the crosswalk some red-neck stuck his head out of the passenger window and yelled at me for continuing to cross the street while the do not cross light was flashing. Of course i started as soon as the walk sign appeared, but in the great fashion of the auto empire it only stays on for about 5 seconds. I was agasp at the stupidity of this jerk. So much that i could even reply to his verbal assault.
I got to polish up on my ninja attitude.


Blogger Bicycle Commuter Mike said ... (2/25/2006 9:32 PM) : 

Butch, well stated. I myself don't advocate violence but being either a person in a crossswalk or on a biycle we are no match for a automobile or death box as I like to call them. The police won't protect us so in my opinion we have to take matters into our own hands and stand up for our state given rights to travle (by state I am refering to the U.S.A.) That's right, it's clearly written that we as Americans have a right to travel. That can be by car, bike or walking. When that right is infrindged upon we must react because our local police department won't. I've seen pigs observe motorists attempting to run me off the raod they do nothing about it.

Taking matters into your own hands can consist of a u-lock through the back window or a bitch slap while going by. I would never claim to have done any of this nor would I ever claim to have not done any of this.

go'n to the big ring for social justice...out


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