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February 10, 2006

Dead Americans

Just so everyone knows, currently we are at 2,269 dead Americans in Iraq. "injured", well over 15,000. "Injured"... Interesting term, I stated before that I feel the words that should be used are maimed, blown up, shattered, wrecked bodies, not "injured".

2,269 dead Americans,and for what? Freedom? If you believe that you really are an idiot. It absolutely boggles my mind how the whole WMD thing is never talked about now. Now it's freedom and democracy. Jesus Christ is this not enough to throw this administration in prison? We went to war on a bullshit idea. Jesus Christ.

Anyway, 2,269 dead, remember that. Actually they are probably the lucky ones. How many folks are floating around this country in young bodies that are all busted up, paralyzed and ruined until the day they die.

disgusted and out

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