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February 20, 2006

Dear Christ Is this genius Or What?

Now explain to me how this just isn't the coolest bike rack you've ever seen. Hmmmm do you think Lincoln is progressive enough for this? Doubt it. Oh that's right the Downtown Lincoln Association would not dream of it because they are a bunch of fuck tards. Here me DLA, your loooosers. See the DLA is so scared of losing even 1 parking place downtown they will stop at nothing to torpedo anything that might do such a thing. That is why our downtown is DEAD.

I guess we are getting bike lanes soon but I am betting that they are token bike lanes that just start and end with no real meaning, no network of lanes or anything of that nature.

Anyway, this rack is beautiful and it's location is beautiful as well. To give credit where credit is due I got this picture from Bike Portland who got it from cleverchimp and in turn got it from rad-spannerei. I Have to put a link to cleverchimp back up it's a great site, I think I lost it when I changed templates.


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Blogger Tony T said ... (3/02/2006 7:07 PM) : 

I heard Lincoln was getting bike lanes downtown. Nice gesture but wasted effort. Of all the streets to ride in Lincoln I have the easiest time commanding my own lane Downtown. You don't need them there. Most drivers know they can't speed because then they'll get ahead of the timed lights.


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