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February 17, 2006

Don't Look To Alito

Looks as though the Supreme Court is going to take up the whistle blower issue once again. Alito the new Justice will more than likely be the tie breaker as the article states. I'm not saying I can look into the future but I would say that it it's a safe bet that Alito will rule against any additional whistle blower protection.

There you go "one issue" abortion haters you got your guy in with the hopes that he will be part of the movement to overturn Roe. Now because all you care about is overturning Roe you have a guy in there that will not look out for your best interests. When you need protection from a company or the government because you have been retaliated against don't look to Alito for help. Again, I can't see into the future and see his vote but I sure as hell can predict it with I feel some certainty.

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