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February 05, 2006

Dutch Love

I can't tell you how much I love this bicycle. I've been watching this auction and I believe that this bike has been listed now a few times and no takers. I think Dutch bicycles have some of the best curves and lines. I would think about acquiring this particular steed but I have a lot of bikes already and I think I'll spend 600 bucks on some home improvements such as a wrought iron fence around the front yard.


Comments on "Dutch Love"


Blogger Bicyclemark said ... (2/06/2006 2:45 PM) : 

Hmm ok.. just a little insiders info.. that bike.. in Amsterdam.. is worth 20 bucks on the street, and 120 bucks in a second hand shop. (bucks being euros, on the street meaning stolen)

Not sure if that helps the decision any.


Blogger Bicycle Commuter Mike said ... (2/06/2006 3:15 PM) : 

bm, I was hoping you would chime in on the topic. I figured a bike like this would be worth next to nothing there. That may be the reason why the bike has not sold, yet continues to be relisted.

No intentions here of buying this fine bike. Although I just love these bikes. I think they have commuting written all over them and that is what I'm all about.

It may be a cheap one there but that is what's cool about it super cheap transportation.

Thanks to the highly sought after expert insider knowlage of Bicycle Mark


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